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What’s Your Exit Strategy

What’s Your Exit Strategy?

The ultimate aim of every serious business person is to build a company that has value, so that it can be sold or transferred, allowing the entrepreneur to exit gracefully and profitably.

In the recent past, we have been helping a number of our entrepreneur clients develop appropriate exit strategies. There are many issues to consider …

• When do you want to exit?
• Can the business be sold to your employees?
• Is a trade sale more likely?
• Are there children involved?
• How much is the business worth?
• What needs to be done to enhance the value of the business?
• How long will it take?
• Do you want/need to stay on after sale of transfer?
• What are the tax consequences?

We have a tried and tested methodology to address each of these issues, to prepare your business for sale, find potential buyers and negotiate to get the maximum price a buyer feels your business is worth.

If you would like to discuss your personal exit plans I would be happy to help – please call me.

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