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”This is National Cloud Week”

Microsoft kicks off inaugural Cloud Week

Microsoft’s first National Cloud Week event has begun, with several joint ventures between the software giant, their partners and academic institutions scheduled to take place.

Monday 23 April will focus on the progression of cloud computing in Ireland, while the programme of events for Tuesday will include discussions on public sector transformation and demonstrate efficiencies that can be achieved through cloud computing.

On Wednesday, Irish students will demonstrate their cloud based solutions in the Irish Imagine Cup finals while there will be a focus on education throughout the morning. In the afternoon, a conference on to cloud computing and commerce will be held at Dublin City University. This will be one of the key events of the week with over 15 speakers from the world of business leaders and experts on cloud computing. Speakers include Paul Rellis, managing director, Microsoft Ireland; Colm Lyon, CEO, Realex; Mark Kellett, CEO, Magnet Networks; and Ireland’s newest ‘dragon’ Sean O’Sullivan.

Day four of the event will concentrate on the non-profit sector and include some of the advances it has made with the use of cloud computing.

On Friday, special attention will be paid to the business community and the role that cloud can play in supporting flexibility and efficiency in the workplace.


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