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Self Employed losing out thousands in business expenses

ATTENTION: Hard-working Irish taxpayers!!

“Are you are Missing Valuable Tax Deductions Right Now that Are Potentially Costing You Thousands of Euros in Tax Savings”
Every year without exception, small business owners like you overpay taxes. But believe it or not, some business owners pay a whole lot less in taxes than others…even on the very same income. Time and time again we take on new clients who are not claimimg proper business expenses. A few examples might help.

We took on a new client recently who previously had been claiming an estimate of monthly expenses of 100 to 200 euros a month. We set up a simple recording system and he is now keeping a detailed record of his expenses. As a result his monthly claim is now about 800 euros per month. That’s nearly 10,000 euros per annum.

Another client we took on was a small PR company run by a husband and wife team. Again we introduced a simple system and the result is a combined monthly claim of about a 1000 euro. That’s 12,000 per annum.

So if you feel you are not availing of this tax relief set up a system and you will be really surprised at the amount you have not been claiming.

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  1. Paddy says:

    thanks for the comment

  2. Paddy – Amen to that!

    One service that can help is Plendi (disclaimer – I work there) Take a photo of your receipts with our mobile apps. We do all the data entry, and you get instant reports in Excel or PDF of all your expenses with currencies converted and VAT tracked. Pricing starts at €4.95 per month

    Check out our 1-minute video and get a free trial at

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