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Are the PCs days numbered? Gary Turner thinks so.

Gary Turner

Are the PCs days numbered? Gary Turner thinks so.
Have we seen the beginning of the end for PCs in the workplace? Attendees at the Xero Village at Accountex will have seen XERO MD, Gary Turner, arguing that the desktop PCs day is well and truly over. In this post-PC world, working in the cloud no longer makes you an anomaly, but one of a growing majority of businesses who’ve moved on from the flawed model of desktop-based accounting and have embraced cloud accounting.
When a large chunk of business owners are still relying on Excel spreadsheets to run their accounts, then you know that desktop-based accounting really missed a trick in the first few decades of the internet age. In 1999, 220m people were regularly using the internet: in 2014 that number has risen to approximately 2.5bn people. That’s an absolutely huge shift in usage and spotlights just how quickly technological change and internet adoption has moved. And it begs the question: if we’re using the internet and the cloud for your day-to-day leisure, entertainment and shopping activities then why not for your accounting needs as well? Many start-ups and small businesses are doing just that.
So if you want to see how cloud accounting can transform your business please call us and take Xero for a test drive.

Old School Accounting V Real Time Accounting

Old Style Accountant


Old School Accounting !!

Annual financial statements often 6 to 9 months after year end

Once a year meeting or phone call

Never visits you  and no proactive advice

Never calls you unless there is a problem

Never available when you need help


Real Time Accounting !!

Free xero accounting software

Annual financial statements at year end

Regular management accounts

Regular review meetings

Unlimited telephone support when you need it

Fixed fees paid monthly



Banish Bookkeeping With Receipt Bank and Xero

Gahan Bookkeeping Blog1


Is your bookkeeping still in the  “olden days” of when the accountant (or bookkeeper) took care of everything and the client had no access to the books at all. In a lot of  cases our clients have decided that they’d rather not be doing the bookkeeping at all and would rather leave this to us.

A question I am always asked is.

“How do you provide bookkeeping services when you are not at the client’s location?”

How We Do It

1.  We give all our clients free access to Xero online accounts. Xero is available 24/7 via internet connection.

2.  Our clients  usually raise and issue all sales invoices via email on Xero.

3. All other accounting records ( purchase invoices, receipts, etc. )  are scanned and emailed to Receipt Bank.

4. Receipt Bank then process and enter all these items on Xero.

5. Our clients, of course,  have access to all this information online anytime anywhere.

In my own business, I’ve been working with clients 100% virtually since 2010.  So if you want to streamline your bookkeeping and accounting please call us at 6684411 for further details.

Xero Powered Accounting

Paddy Gahan

Xero  Powered Accounting





Our business accounting package is designed to make meeting your annual compliance requirements as easy as possible, whilst getting the most from Xero Accounting Software for day to day financial management.

Your dedicated Xero Accountant will help you optimise Xero for your business. In no time at all you will be using Xero to invoice your clients, monitor your expenses, submit your VAT returns and tracking your financial performance. Xero can be accessed from your laptop,  iPad or  even iPhone.

Because all your financial data is stored within your Xero account in the cloud, our Cloud Accountants can see all your financial information in real time. When it comes time to prepare your year end returns we can get on with them with no disruption to your business as the information we require is already available.

Call me at 01 6684411 to get a free test drive.

Death Of The Bookkeeper

bookmark-10744113Death of The Bookkeeper

2014 will mark the demise of Bookkeepers and Bookkeeping as we know it – or knew it. The simple fact is for many small businesses the old way of doing Bookkeeping just doesn’t work. Mary the Bookkeeper coming into the office once a week or once a month processing information on some software that no-one else knows how to use is pointless and expensive. Rightly so, people expect more, want more and would like to pay less than they did.

With easy-to-use online accounting software such as Xero and   Receipt Bank that most business owners can find their way around in a matter of minutes, expectation levels have risen – when you log-in you want to see real time information, not wait for Mary the Bookkeeper to come in later in the month.

In practical terms, when you want to know ‘Have I been paid?’, ‘Have we billed this client?’, ‘What was that invoice for?’ – you know – at the click of a button. With simple reporting, you can see if you can afford another member of staff, a larger office, a faster car. You don’t need to be a financial whizz….and you don’t need a Bookkeeper.

Then there’s the cost consideration. Xero + Receipt Bank is obviously a lot cheaper than paying Brenda the Bookkeeper a day a week. All you really need is someone to be there to talk to about your finances on a daily/weekly/monthly basis (which we can help with!)

If you’re reading this Mary, we’re sorry, it’s not personal but times are changing….



Webinar: How to get paid faster with XERO

Below is a link to the second webinar we are running in our series of 6 in total.

We hope you enjoy it.
Please feel free to call us if you have any queries that we can help out with.




On Thursday 20th March at 3pm, Gahan & Co wish to invite you to the second in a 6 part series of webinars. These webinars will showcase the benefits of XERO cloud based software.
This 10 minute webinar is titled:
You will receive an easy to follow demonstration on how you can get paid faster by implementing XERO accounting software. We will showcase these accounting functions and features.
If you wish to attend the webinar, please click this link and enter in your details:



Webinar | Become paperless with Xero

We hope you enjoy our XERO webinar. We tried to keep it short and to the point (no more than 15 minutes in length).

Any questions, please do not hesitate to get in touch.


Cash Is King How Xero Can Improve Your Cashflow !!

Cash flow

As a small business owner, life will be a lot less stressful if your customers pay you faster.

Here are some  tips to speed up the process of getting paid – which can dramatically improve your Cashflow.  First Get a good online accounts app like Xero.

  1. Invoice immediately
  2. Email your invoices
  3. Write detailed descriptions on your invoices
  4. Set your own payment terms
  5. Encourage direct payments to your bank account
  6. Use your mobile phone to access your accounting system during the day
  7. Have someone else call your debtors
  8. Send statements
  9. Use your Accounts Receivable reports

If you would like to test drive Xero please contact me at 01 6684411



Check Out Why Simon Tobin Uses Xero To Run his businesses



This is Simon Tobin MD of Tobin Shipping and Transport Ltd and August Engraving Ltd. Simon uses Xero to run both businesses. Some of the features he finds great about Xero.

1. Having access to your accounts anywhere, via smart phone / tablet

2. Having the data / account records stored securely for ever, allowing you not to worry if you move premises.No need for a server or IT hardware.

3. Easy to use and navigate around the package.

4. No need to print invoices / statements, sent electronically from Xero

5. Being able to access your customer information and money owed when you are on the road and when calling  into a customer.

6. Very good clean management reporting that can be viewed or printed for meetings with a bank for example.

7. Aged debtors report very good.

8. Linking bank statements to Xero.

So if you would like to find out how Xero can help you run your business please email me at or call me at 01 6684411