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Robert Tobin, Director at The Cycle Inn, on why he uses Vend.

The Cycle Inn has been in business for over twenty years, specializing in supplying the people of Dublin with high end bicycles, particularly high end mountain bikes. Their motto “We Live Cycling” is reflected in their staff enthusiasm for cycling and the products they sell.

“I looked at different products for a long time. The reason we went for Vend was because of its back up features. We previously had a point-of-sale system that when it gave trouble it would cost a small fortune to fix each time, so we got a standard PC and now run Vend from that. If the PC fails then we roll in another and just log in. (Perfect)

It’s also great for getting an idea of sales when I’m not there. I can open it on my iPhone and see the turnover so far in the day, so when I ring the store I already know how busy or not it’s been.” Robert Tobin.

Vend is a cloud-based point-of-sale system that allows you to view your sales and stock from any computer and can connect with your online accounting software. More information at