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Building A Beautiful Financial Future !!

FutureXero is the global leader in cloud accounting software for small businesses.

Xero helps us to help you better!

Our clients trusted us when we recommended Xero and we’re sure they live and breathe the benefits every day!

Using Xero means we’re “connected” really well – we can give our clients “real time” advice and help them make better and faster business decisions.

Seeing we are an early adopter of new technology, you and your business can receive these benefits FIRST (from us) before any of your competitors. What an advantage for you!

We know

Our team are passionate about our purpose, because it’s all about helping you and your family.

Our Purpose: At Accountants, we help our clients to make smart financial decisions NOW so they can have a BEAUTIFUL financial FUTURE!

What’s next?

Using Xero allows us to help you get the “red tape” things the Government requires (things like tax returns, VAT, annual financial statements) done as efficiently as possible, so we can then focus on the more important things. Things like helping you to create, grow and protect your wealth, and increasing the value of your business.

And our extraordinary “Freedom Plan” can help you to clearly see your financial future – and we’ll do our absolute best to help you to achieve the lifestyle freedom you want for you and your family.

Paddy Gahan Accountants Dublin


Launch Of Beggars Bush Business Group !!

beggars bush all - 1

We are delighted to announce the launch of this new neighbourhood business group.
Already we are after winning the best locally presented neighbourhood in South Dublin at the Dublin City Council awards.

So if you are in the area why not drop by and support your local businesses.

‘Make Me Famous’ Paddy O’Connell

Make Me Famous Winner Announced

How To Become a Linkedin Expert



1. Make your Profile customer focused

2. Build your connections

3. Choose your connection strategy carefully

4. Use search to find potential customers

5. Give testimonials to get them

6. Have a customer focused headline

7. Join groups and get involved in discussions

8. Use regular status updates

9. Watch all status update to identify opportunities

10. Give to get and try to help your contacts.

Capsule Automates Social Media Links

Capsule has added a great new feature for Social Media Integration. It makes it easy to link your contacts with their Social Media Profiles and it is really easy to set up.

First you log into your capsule account and go to your preferences top right.

On the right hand side click social integrations

Then Connect your Social Networks

By allowing Capsule to access your Social Networks, Capsule can search for the social profiles of your contacts. Capsule does not attempt to send any messages on your behalf.

Twitter Connected as @Gahanco Disconnect
Linked In Connected as PADDY Disconnect
Facebook Connected as Paddy Disconnect
Capsule will now automatically search these networks and will allow you add them to the contact details.
Once they are added Capsule displays an icon for each network allowing you to instantly connect through to the network profile.


2012 Business Networking Summit


I am delighted to announce our first event of the year

The 2012 Business Networking Summit on the 28th February 2012

at 6pm in the Burlington Hotel, Dublin 4.

 There is no charge to attend and refreshments will be provided.

To register for the event on Linkedin, please click this link:


 These events were extremely popular in 2011 with  large numbers attending.

I would like to invite you to visit our YouTube channel.


You will see snippets from previous events that have taken place, with some testimonials from our valued members.

These particular events are approaching their 1st  year anniversary so let’s keep them going long into the future!




Can You Double Your Business in 2012

Most business commentators are predicting doom and gloom for 2012.

However I have met several entrepreneurs over the last few weeks who are confident of growing their businesses next year.

I recently met a serial entrepreneur at a seminar in London. Over the last 5 years he has developed 5 separate million pound businesses in double quick time.

His advice for doubling the size of your business was the following. Firstly have a brainstorming session with your accountant or  other trusted adviser. Then spend  a few hours listing out 10 separate ways that would each increase turnover by at least 30%.

From this list of 10 pick out the best 3 ideas. You then have 3 activities to focus on for the next 12 months and which combined should enable you to double your turnover.

For each of these activities develop clear action plans on how you will achieve the results. You may need input from key team members in developing these action plans.

While the economic climate won’t allow all businesses to double their size next year, this radical approach should change your thinking from doom and gloom to optimism and growth.

If you are serious about growing your business and you think you could benefit from a brainstorming session like this,  why not give me a call at 0868070262 or email me at

5 tips to make your business saleable

The sale of Your Business may be your best chance of a comfortable retirement.

Unfortunately most businesses have only one real asset (you guessed it) the owner. People will not buy a business where the principal asset leaves with the buyout cheque. If you want to have a saleable business you need to make it less dependent on you.

Here are 5 tips to make your business saleable.

1. Standardise Your Offering. Don’t offer a bespoke service or product.  Find a service that customers find valuable and then make this your standard offering.

2. Create a Cash Cow. Once you have standardised your service or offer, charge up front or use progress billing to create a positive cash flow.

3. Hire a Sales Team. If you are the rainmaker (bringing in the sales) you need to get a sales team that   can deliver results.

4. Create an Incentive Plan for Key Staff. For the acquiring company it is important that a strong management exist. This provides continuity after the business is bought and dictates the amount payable for the business.

5 Know Your Numbers. It is essential that you have a system in place that gives you regular financial and accounting information.


Paddy Gahan on Today FMs “The Sunday Business Show”

Xero and on Today FM

I would like to thank Conall O Morain and producer Myra Hayes for having me as a guest on the THE SUNDAY BUSINESS SHOW

Conall spotted our recent blog 7 Ways To Work From Anywhere on Linkedin and called me to invite me on the show.

The show is on every Sunday from 10am to 11am and has an extimated audience of over 50,000. This number is rising week on week.

So if you are in business why not tune in every Sunday. You are bound to pick up some useful information.